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Best-SilverJewelry.com is an online retail & wholesale store specializing in handmade tibetan jewelry and tibetan artworks subject to HONGKONG HASEN CO., LIMITED. For offering our customer the best Tibetan silver jewelry, handmade tibetan jewelry and tibetan artworks, our gift-collect team in China collects the best handmade tibetan jewelry by the local craftsman in Tibet, Nepal like tibetan bracelets, tibetan rings, tibetan pendants, tibetan earings, tibetan malas beads, tibetan necklace, tibetan statue and tibetan artworks with natural stone such as Turquoise, Moonstone, Red Coral, Black Agate and so on. We collect directly from the craftsman, distributes and ships out orders 7 days a week to the customers. Our unique handmade tibetan jewelry and tibetan artworks can be a gift for yourself, your friends, your mother, grandmother...

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HONGKONG HASEN CO.,LIMITED is a company 100% for online business, we donot offer drop-in pick up. Please contact us by email or fax.


Free China Mail Air Shipping for orders over USD90 to worldwide from China:
Our Tebetan jewelry collection team travel around Tibetan China, Nepal, India to collect all our unique jewelry and Tibetan arts and gather all items in Hangzhou City, China to Deliever to our customers around the world.

Although worldwide air delievelry is very expensive, donot be worried! We think about this for you. Take in the consideration of lower office cost in China, we discount all shipping cost, which means you enjoy a FREE MAIL AIR SHIPPING from China for all orders over $90.

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USD90 or more; Free air mail shipping.

NOTE: China Mail Air Shipping delivers packages in 10-20 days. If you buy some small items and value is not too much, we advise use mail air shipping to save cost. If value is much more than 100, we advise use UPS or DHL express shipping, UPS and DHL deliver packages in 3-5 business days and it is good for expensive items. Following is the rate for UPS and DHL;
USA & Canada:
USD1 - USD60: USD21.95
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DHL Express Airshipping: USD$65.

Quality Inspections:
An overview about how we inspect our products before shipment, to ensure the item we sent you is 100% perfect in quality.

Worldwide Delivery:
We sell all our products to USA, Canada, French, Germany, United Kingdom and other European Countries from our distribution center in China.

Fast Delivery:
For personalized jewelry will be shipped out within 7 business days. Normally products will be shipped out within 2 business days.

Safe & water-proof packaging:
All the orders, any sizes, will be shipped in BOX with water-proof packages, ensuring the safe shipping.

Tibetan jewelry and Nepalese jewelry is carefully handcrafted in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. The Tibetan jewelry is an authentic reflection of the ancient cultures of Nepal and Tibet, totally handmade today. Best-SilverJewelry.com is one of the best Tibetan shop for Tibetan Jewelry, and Nepalese Jewelry. Here you will find Beautiful Nepalese and Tibetan handmade jewelry, rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces including the gau box, buddha statue, tibetan malas, tibetan prayer wheels and more.

* 100% Handcrafted Tibetan jewelry & Buddha Jewelry from Nepal & Tibet.
* All Tibet jewelry, Fine Tibetan Silver Jewelry & Tibetan artworks are One by one handpicked.
* All our 108 beads malas and mala bracelets are blessed by our buddhist masters in the temple.

Lables: Tibetan Buddhist Malas, Tibetan Bracelet, Tibetan Pendant, Tibetan Necklace, Tibetan Ring, Tibetan Prayer Box, Tibetan Earrings, Tibetan Statues, Tibetan Thangkas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Mask, Tibetan Artworks.

In the 1990s, Tibet fever raged in China and abroad. It featured the expansion of Tibetan Buddhism and an increased interest in the Tantric aspect of Tibetan Buddhism, Fine Tibetan Jewelry & Tibetan Buddhist Jewelry. Handmade Silver Jewelry, Tibetan Silver Jewelry, Tibetan Artwork & ornament like Tibetan Bracelet, Tibetan Necklace, Tibetan Malas Prayer Beads, Tibetan Pendant, Tibetan Rings, Tibetan Earrings, Tibetan Thangka, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tibetan Satue...are widely popular among people around the world. People loves the Tibetan Buddha Jewelry, Malas, Incense, Gorgeous Tibetan Jewelry with sterling silver and genuine turquoise or Coral. Tibet and the Tibetan ethnic group are now the theme of numerous literary and art works, and of film and television documentaries. There are many eruditr scholars of Tibetology, and the increased publication of works of Tibetology over the past two decades has greatly improved general understanding of Tibetan culture.

We offer our customer the best Tibetan silver jewelry, Handmade tibetan jewelry, tibetan artworks, our Handmade Tibetan Jewelry & Tibetan Artworks team in China collects good quality tibetan products handmade by the local craftsman in Tibet & Nepal like handmade tibetan bracelets, handmade tibetan rings, handmade tibetan pendants, handmade tibetan earings, handmade tibetan statues, handmade tibetan necklace, tibetan malas prayer beads, Tibetan Thangka, Tibetan Singing Bowl made from stirling silver, natural stone such as Turquoise, Moonstone, Red Coral, Black Agate, Mila Amber and so on. We collect directly from the craftsman, distributes and ships out orders 7 days a week to the customers.

The legends surrounding the life of the Buddha have been the principal sources of inspiration for the creators of Buddhist Jewelry & Buddhist Art. A knowledge of these are needed for a meaningful insight into the nuances of Buddhist art, since each stage of the Buddha's many existences, along with the established tenets of buddhism religion, play a part in the development of the Tibet Buddhist Jewelry and art. The Buddha Jewelry, Buddhist Jewelry, Buddha statues, and the diverse buddha paintings illustrate the deep influence of buddhism on buddha art and vice versa.

Tibetan jewelry has its own charm because of the Hinduism culture and the tibetan belief and faith. The clean and mythical sky and air in Tibet and Nepal makes everything different from other areas and peoples. They make jewelries one by one in hand, not machine. They make the tibetan jewelry one by one with heart, with soul, with love. Everything here regarding with the peoples are mythical and attractive. We love it, and can not wait to take it.
Me, the store manager, Echo Zheng,can not remember how many times I have been to Tibet and Nepal for travel, for business, only for rest of my heart and soul. I love these two areas; I love the sky, the cloud, the sunshine, the people and everything there. That's why I try to sell their artworks and give them good prices. They are worthy of good prices because of the wild but dedicate artwork. But to me, myself, I prefer artworks from Nepal. Because you know now People in Tibet have better living than before, so everything is more expensive but, it seems it's not good for the artwork - they pay less attention on artwork. Nepalese people work very fine for the tibetan jewelries and tibetan artworks, however, since too many people love their jewelries, but they have not much electricty support. They can only work for about 4 hours everyday because of the lack of electricty. And that's why the prices are higher and higher.

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